Why we’ll be starting to use CoSchedule

Fabian Henzler Apps 1 Comment

We want to create the best blog on the planet – obviously. But how can we manage that in our free time? There is only so much time left after a 14 hour day in the awesome software company we’re working at. So mostly we’ll be writing at night or on the weekends, which is usually also pretty packed with everything we couldn’t cover throughout the week, like showering or sleeping. But then the real problem occurs, you publish a trillion posts on a single weekend – because focus work really generates a lot of great stuff – and everybody’s overwhelmed by the amount and awesomeness of it. And then they wait and wait and wait. And if they’re lucky another wave will hit them some time in the future, but they really don’t know, so they forget about you. With CoSchedule this problem doesn’t occur, I mean not at all! You just create a little schedule for a series of posts or just everything you did produce within the highly, hopefully not drug induced, creative phase you just fell out and that’s it. CoSchedule will take care of the rest for you.