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Free Astropad 2.0 update is out now!

Free Astropad 2.0 update is out now!


Free Astropad 2.0 update is out and if you haven’t already purchased it on the Apple App Store you have to do it now!

It is massive


Astropad is an iPad App that really makes the price of the iPad Pro worth it. This is because it leverages all advantages of the iPad Pro Stencil with the awesome power and capabilities of your OS X Design Apps.

I use my iPad Pro 9.7″ mostly for scribbling, drawing and generating new ideas around the next generation in UserExperience (UxD) and Interaction Design (IxD). If you check out what Ben Moss has to say about UserExperience Design you probably think… Or better stop thinking and start acting. My iPad goes wherever I go. My Pencil is always on and needs charging every day. Why? Because it’s awesome =)

I walk down the street and come up with an idea. Until I would have written it down, I’d forgot about it already. The flow would have been gone. Because as a Product Manager and Entrepreneur I’m really dependent on ideas and creative flow, I usually start creating sketch notes. And that’s when the tunnel really pulls me in. I jump into the rabbit whole. Adobe has some great Apps for that – Adobe Capture, Adobe Comp or Adobe Sketch for example. But when I’m in front of my iMac 5K and start designing an idea or inventing a new product from scratch, it’s usually hard to get into the tunnel. So in the past I grabbed my graphic tablet.

The switch from your iPad Pro to a Graphic Tablet

You now think “Wow he has a graphic tablet”. I was thinking that too, but I had always problems switching between the two worlds – Apple Pencil and the graphic tablet. It’s something completely different. You have to think again and change behaviour. As soon as that happens, you’re out of the flow.


And then I stumbled across Astropad

Really, Astropad was the first App that really gave me the experience of a professional graphic tablet with the flow, ease and experience I’m so much loving about my iPad Pro Pencil. It’s hard to describe – it’s smooth and convenient. Steve Jobs would say: “It just works”! And I works.

Now Astropad 2.0 is out and it got even cooler

The performance of Astropad 2.0 was always stunning. At least for the last 5 weeks I’ve been using it. But now – wow, 3 times faster? Really? And so clear and shiny. Really amazing job those guys did. No matter how bad your WiFi connection is, you’ll be super accurate and get exactly what you draw on your iPad.

Seamless configuration and onboarding

Also the UI got a major improvement and now feels really great. I never had such a seamless configuration to connect an application on my iPad with something on my Mac. It was always a hassle no matter how big the software vendor was and how much they take care about such things.

With Astropad it’s just magic. I don’t know who else to describe it. You open the App on your Mac and on your iPad and that’s it. As long as you’re on the same WiFi you have a blazing fast Zero Configuration Experience!

All that’s left to say is – you need to try it! They have a very active community and answer quickly on any request, questions or whatever. You can also try it for your iPhone. For the iPad App it’s $29.99, but worth every dollar!

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