Selfmade pumpkin spiced latte

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Have you ever tried the Starbucks Pumpkin spiced Latte? Starbucks only sells it during autumn months and pumpkin season. And for me every year it is the same. I just get used to this awesome hot beverage and suddenly the Starbucks Pumpkin spiced Latte period is over. Since I am really into good, healthy and real foods, I decided to try to make a Pumpkin spiced Latte myself.

Ingredients for 1 liter pumpkin spiced latte:

  • 450 g fresh or frozen pumpkin
  • 700 ml milk (you are on a Paleo diet? Just use nut milk like cashew or almond milk)
  • 1-x Tbsp of honey or maple syrup (depending on how sweet you like it)
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • Coffee



And this is how you do it:

  1. Start by cooking the frozen pumpkin in a pot (water should barely cover the pumpkin pieces) until its cooked. Remove from heat.
  2. Now mash the pumpkin either with a fork, a potato masher or a blender. Slowly add the milk and blend together. Tip: If you want a nice and smooth pumpkin spiced latte as a result I recommend either normal milk or cashew milk as almond milk likes to thicken a little as the almond particles absorb some of the liquid.
  3. Add spices and sweetener until you achieved the desired taste. Now you kind of have a sweet pumpkin mash.
  4. If you would use it like this it would probably come out more like a dessert than a drink. Therefore you need to strain it through a fine sieve.
  5. If your pumpkin spice has the right consistency and taste you are nearly done 🙂 Brew your coffee as you always do. I prefer to use strong coffee in drinks that include milk and therefore would always go with an espresso, but it is up to you. For a perfect pumpkin spiced latte use 200 – 225 ml of pumpkin spice and a double espresso and top with some cinnamon. Tip: If you have a milk foamer you should definitely use it.  

Let me know if you liked  it!


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